Inspired by a Meaningful Teens connection with students Carter, Isabella, Carolyn, and Aria envisioned a MT HumOn app and wearable. MT volunteer coders will be coding the app. We plan to pitch the idea very soon.


People in our world are divided by appearance and external characteristics rather than unified by a shared humanity. 28% of Campolindo students experience bullying because of ethnicity. The contact hypothesis suggests brief interactions can break down these walls. Our design heals divisions by making internal human commonalities visible for all.


HumOn is a comfortable band and app encouraging users to engage in authentic in-person connections across social divides. Its app utilizes user-inputted information to highlight commonalities around which conversations can start. The band illuminates and vibrates when matched people come into contact, creating conversations and earning points for HumOn events. 


HumOn will benefit users by sparking meaningful interactions that widen our community and challenge the preconceived notions that fuel hate, fear, and division. We’ve reimagined a wearable and an app that will ignite transformative social connections. HumOn will benefit society through the ripple effects of tolerance and understanding.